Benefits of Portable Axle Scales for Weighing Trucks

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Portable axle scales

Professional transporters know how important it is to keep their loads within legal and recommended weight limits. By loading a truck within its capacity, you not only avoid stiff penalties, but you protect your vehicles by reducing wear and tear on the brakes and suspension system. Overloaded trucks are also more difficult to handle, and the damage they cause to roads is everyone’s burden, but is felt especially by transport companies whose logistical efficiency is compromised by highways in bad shape and who have to pay high taxes to keep their already heavy fleets on the road. It is a vicious cycle that it pays to slow down.

Reliable axle scales are an essential tool in ensuring that trucks are loaded within their capacity. Portable scales enable transport companies and their drivers to create mobile weighing stations, significantly and conveniently broadening their ability to effectively monitor and regulate load weight almost any time and anywhere in order to curb unnecessary expenditure and maximize profits.

Today’s portable axle weighing systems are highly sophisticated and flexibly designed to meet a wide range of transporter needs. Scales are available in many sizes to suit every imaginable vehicle weight, length, and width. In addition to being accurate to within industry standards and often capable of both static and in-motion weight measurement, most models of portable axle scales are easy to assemble and operate with minimal training. The lightweight construction and low-profile design of many systems makes them easy to store and transport (often by a single person, but in heavier-duty models with the aid of a forklift). Many are fitted with ramps and other accommodations for weighing on uneven surfaces. Commonly available features such as overload protection and weatherproof construction make for tough and durable weighing units.

Prime USA Scales has a wide selection of portable axle scales in its inventory to meet the needs of every customer. Our knowledgeable staff will be more than happy to help you find the right match for your business.

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