How to Choose the Right Industrial Floor Scale

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Buying an industrial floor scale is a major business decision. The scale you choose can have an immense impact on the efficiency of your industrial processes. Before making this investment it is important to understand what your needs are, what is available, and how much you are willing to spend.

The applicability and accuracy of your scale will depend on many factors. You will need to consider the range of weights being measured, from minimum to maximum. If there is any risk of more than the maximum weight capacity being placed on the scale, it is worth opting for one with overload protection. You should also be aware of how wide a margin of inaccuracy you can tolerate. This will determine the sensitivity (or weighing accuracy) you need. Important auxiliary scale functions are tare adjustment (gross and net weighing ability), metric-to-US unit conversion, AC/DC adaptability (if applicable), weight-hold feature, stable-weight indication, and wireless operating capacity.

In addition to weight-related considerations, scale buyers also need to bear in mind pertinent environmental, dimensional, and logistical aspects. While it is important that some heavy-duty floor scales be bolted to the ground, others are portable, making them easier to clean and amenable to a wider variety of uses. You also need to know before purchasing whether your scale will be exposed to hazardous or corrosive materials. Some scales are built to resist the negative effects of such exposure, while others are designed for ease of cleaning. Furthermore, it is vital to be aware of the environment in which the scale will be placed: Is it humid or wet, dry, dusty, hot, cold, subject to pressure changes? Finally, floor scales also come in a wide range of dimensions and platform profiles, and are designed for specific load concentrations (how weight is distributed within the object being weighed).

Staff at Prime USA Scales will be happy to assist you in assessing your needs in detail and making their expertise available to help you choose the industrial floor scale that best suits your demands while fitting into your budget.

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