Prime USA Scales has the Industrial Scale for Your Business

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Industrial Scales for your business

An important part of any business is ensuring accuracy in weighing and shipping, since wrong numbers can cost an industry millions of dollars a year. Industrial scales are used by companies for livestock weighing, aircraft weighing, truck weighing, and shipping bulk commodities.

Scale and Weight Regulations

Not only is profitability a concern, but improper weighing may also be against state law. Most scales are marketed and sold as NTEP (National Type Evaluation Program) certified, meaning the scale meets the requirements NIST requirements, otherwise known as the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

Granted, not all states have these laws in place, but if you are in a state that does business with other NTEP-imposing states, these standards have to be honored. Over the past several years, great strides have been made in using digital technology in creating new scales and they have greatly reduced service problems. In fact, regulation is so tight the newest designs in industrial scale technology are always on hold until state law can catch up. For example, digital load cells have dedicated analog converters built into the cell itself, as well as capacity to connect to a network.

When working with industrial scales and warehouses specifically, the most commonly needed scales include horseshoe-shape scales, low profile scale carts, weigh rails and wheel weighers. These designs allow very heavy equipment to be placed or rolled onto the scale for easy and fast weighing.

Prime USA Scales ships these heavy-duty items within two days and they arrive calibrated plug and play. Operating with an AC/DC adapter or standard built in rechargeable battery. Leveling the scale is an important aspect to getting an accurate scale. On delivery some larger scales will require a forklift or loading dock. We ship to businesses or even residential addresses, and we also pride ourselves on custom American made scales, instead of outsourcing production to China. In addition, we also import scales from other countries on demand.

The Sign of Top Quality

Besides NTEP certifications, the sign of a quality scale includes standard weights and reliable digital readouts. Cheaply made scales tend to weigh less despite being industrial size; they are made with more mild-steel materials to save on cost and this can end up warping the original shape. This can cause inaccurate readings, which is a costly mistake.

Digital readings are advantageous but the reliability of the electronics is also crucial, especially in a fast-paced industrial environment. Downtime or problems with the displays can cause a major time or profit loss. The advantage of Prime USA Scales is the thicker steel materials used in manufacturing, higher quality digital indicators, and easy-to-use functions that expedite the process. The best quality scales typically come with a multi-year warranty, since the need to replace them is rare since they are built to last. Five-year warranties are the highest standard in warehouse scales, which will work even when used intensively on a daily basis.

For further information or to peruse our industrial scales for sale please visit or contact us at (800) 917-7205 with any questions.

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