Conveyor Scales

Most conveyor scales can be found in a receiving, packaging, shipping, and trading industry.
In an operation, you can used either a static or in-motion. These two type of weighing system can run the whole processing method, but make sure to set a proper program for overweight or underweight on the check weigher system.

That’s why most of the companies are looking for a conveyor with great features. Prime USA Scales can bring massive choices from bulk to compact and from heavy to delicate weighing scales. They maintained a reliability and durability of the products to eliminate the risk of spilling when loading or lifting the goods and also to maximize the capacity of the weight.

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  • 4323 Series Indicators

    4323 Series Indicators..

    Description: Carbon Steel or Stainless Steel (USDA accepted) Available / Static or In-Motion Available

    The conveyor scale allows a single-product to be weighed while in motion. The assembly is constructed of carbon steel with a flush grid acetal belt, photoelectric cell, junction box and 25′ interface cable. The drive motor is priced separately. The conveyor scale is available in a variety of lengths, widths and speeds.

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  • CASI 970 Case

    CASI 970 Case

    The CASI 970 case conveyor scale is a high speed, high accuracy system designed for distribution center use in random check weigh and freight manifesting applications.

    The CASI 970 utilizes primarily off the shelf components rather than proprietary controllers, giving the customer the ability to purchase replacement parts from local vendors.

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  • Conveyor Belt Scales

    Conveyor Belt Scales..

    Features of the Sensortronic Conveyor Belt Scale The Belt-Way Conveyor Belt Scale offered by Sensortronic Scales features an easy to install, modular design. State of the art, in-motion weighing system delivers outstanding accuracy and unmatched repeatability. Other features and benefits include:

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  • InMotion Conveyor Scale

    InMotion Conveyor Scale..

    Carlisle’s AS-200 Conveyor Scale provides a rugged solution for industrial in-motion weighing applications. This versatile system can be easily configured to meet a wide variety of line requirements. Carlisle can help you build a powerful system, which can offer several important benefits to your operations: o Prevent of costly shipping errors and reduction of give-away.

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  • Thayer Scale

    Thayer Scale

    Thayer Scale has introduced a new inexpensive, yet rugged, belt conveyor scale for heavy duty applications like weighing coal and cement. The Quarry King belt scale is designed to weigh dusty fines and “stone like” aggregate materials where rugged construction and spill-proof/jam-proof suspension design are the most essential attributes.

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  • Weigh Leg Frames

    Weigh Leg Frames..

    Description: Weigh Leg Frames are interchangeable weighing elements that can create a scale out of any conveyor section – either static or in-motion. High grade powder paint finish carbon steel or stainless steel. Avery Weigh-Tronix offers stand alone Weigh Leg frames ro retrofit existing conveyors or all system components including to build the needed system for your application. System components can also be purchased to retrofit existing conveyor installations.

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