Counting Scales

The weighing scale is an important device in terms of measurement and balance of an object. And precise measurement in a manufacturing industry is a must. It can determine the right amount and prices of every item to purchase. There are different types of scales such as platform scale, floor scale, conveyor and more all of these have each own specific application.

One of the type of a platform scale is called a counting scale, it is a portable and economical. It is commonly used in a processing industry like food, receiving and shipping, that can do an optimum performance. At Prime USA Scales they offer massive models with great features such as capacity and accuracy, battery operated and the ability to add extra storage.

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  • HD Series

    HD Series

    HD Series high capacity counting scales offer a choice of simple operation for direct entry of tare weight, piece weight and sample size. Automatic Counting Accuracy Improvement (ACAI) feature provides maximum accuracy.

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  • Intell-Count™ Dual Channel QHD Series

    Intell-Count™ Dual Chan..

    Intell-Count™ Dual Channel Counting Scale, Easy Connection to Second Platform, 60,000 Displayed Divisions, Internal Rechargeable Battery, lb / kg Conversion, RS 232 Configurable Interface

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  • JW Series Counting Scales

    JW Series Counting Scales..

    Precision Counting, Multiple Weighing Units, Percent Weighing, 50,000 Divisions, 24 Bit Processor, RS 232C Interface for Computer Connection, Below Balance Weighing, Backlit LCD Display.

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  • OAC Series OAC Series Weighing Scales

    OAC Series Weighing Scale..

    Industrial Counting, Heavy Duty, Portable and Economical, Backlit Display, 16 Bit, 200,000 Internal Divisions, 12,000 Displayed Divisions.

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  • SAC Series

    SAC Series

    Triple Range Counting, High Precision Counting, Backlit Display, 24 Bit Processor, 1 Million Internal Divisions, 60,000 Displayed Divisions.

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  • SEK Series

    SEK Series

    All-in-One Program – Weighing, Checkweighing (Weight / Quantity), Counting, Programmable HI-OK-LO Audio Output, 24 Bit Delta-Sigma A/D Converter, 60,000 Displayed Divisions, Internal Rechargeable Battery, Selectable Weighing Units

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  • SHC Series

    SHC Series

    Heavy duty construction, Low profile, compact size Backlit Display, Full numeric keypad, 24 Bit Processor, 1 Million Internal Divisions, 60,000 Displayed Divisions.

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