Dial scales

Scales can be found in any commercial industries, they used to identify the right weight and the amount of a product. It has a various type of scales out there, but the most common and useful is the dial scales. It can be found mostly in the food market, to weigh the meats, fruits, and vegetable. In clinic or hospitals, to check a weight before they give a proper treatment or medicine that needs for a patient. And in home for personal used such as for fitness update.

The biggest concern of most consumer is that, they don’t want to empty their wallet for a bulk scale if it’s for personal use or vice versa. That’s why Prime USA Scales can justify our needs with our budget. We offer various scale devices with great measuring capacities. Just phone us at (800) 917-7205 or browse at primeusascales.com. We guarantee that our customer representatives for phone and support team for chat online can assist all your queries 24-7.

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  • KBI Bar Inventory Control Scale

    Chatillon 4200 Series Han..


    The CHATILLON® 4200 Series hanging scales are constructed of chrome-plated steel with machined stainless steel pinions for optimum durability. Available with single or double dial head, the 4200 Series features a large 9-inch dial available in metric or aviordupois graduations. Class III “Legal For Trade” models are sealable by local Weights & Measures jurisdictions for point of sale use. Tare up to 10% of the dial capacity. Capacity reached in 3 pointer revolutions.

  • Chatillon 8200 Series Hanging Scale

    Chatillon 8200 Series Han..


    The CHATILLON® 8200 Series hanging scales are constructed of chrome-plated steel with machined stainless steel pinions and phosphor bronze rack combinations for low friction performance even at elevated temperatures. The standard double dial head reaches full capacity in three revolutions. Brass air dashpots eliminate pointer oscillation. Class III “Legal For Trade” models are sealable by local Weights & Measures jurisdictions for point of sale use. Tare up to 10% of the dial capacity.

  • Chatillon Century Series Hanging Scale

    Chatillon Century Series ..


    The CHATILLON® Century Series hanging scales are designed for long-lasting reliability at an affordable price. Century scales feature a steel inner frame and tough, corrosion-resistant band, bezel and housing. Glass-covered 7-inch dials come in single (reads clockwise) or double dial (one reads clockwise, the other counterclockwise) models. H44 Class III “Legal For Trade” models are sealed for local jurisdiction for point of sale use.

  • Chatillon HB Series Portable Beam Scale

    Chatillon HB Series Porta..


    These quality portable beam scales are designed specifically for industrial applications, warehouses and terminals. Ideal for heavy use applications. The HB-1000 is available with H44 Class III “Legal for Trade” for point of sale use subject to on-site verification by local Weights and Measures jurisdications. HB Series scales are constructed of heavy duty cast iron with corrosion resistant loops, bearings and nose irons. Wheels make the scale easy to move and relocate to accomodate alternative work sites.

  • Chatillon PBB Series Portable Beam Scale

    Chatillon PBB Series Port..


    These compact, self-contained scales are exceptionally rugged yet easy to use. Ideal for laboratory, industrial and home use, the are constructed of steel and cast aluminum with adjustable hardened steel pivots and self-aligning steel bearings. The built-in platform and steel locking mechanism ensures safe, secure operation and portability. Models are available in avoirdupois or metric graduations. Class III “Legal For Trade” models are available.

  • Chatillon PDT Series Dial Platform Scale

    Chatillon PDT Series Dial..


    These quality crafted platform scales feature a 13-inch dial with knife-edge pointer. Ideal for industrial weighing or commercial applications, these precision scales feature a rugged welded steel construction with adjustable leveling feet and spirit level indicator. This scale meets all requirements of NIST Handbook 44 Class III “Legal for Trade” per Certificate of Conformance No. 90-078 issued under the National Type Evaluation Program of the National Conference on Weights and Measures.

  • KBI Bar Inventory Control Scale

    KBI Bar Inventory Control..

    The KBI Bar Inventory Scale provides a fast, accurate and virtually calculation free inventory of your distilled spirits, cordials, and liquers. The most accurate method of inventory control in any bar is to determine the TOTAL NUMBER OF FLUID OUNCES IN STOCK. It is easy to calculate the ounces in full bottles, however it is difficult to determine what exactly remains in open bottles to keep precise inventory. With the KBI-64 scale you can calculate exactly what’s left in open bottles up to 64 fl. oz and use the inventory sheet for your full and/or open bottles to arrive at an accurate “in stock” inventory.

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  • KHS Series Industrial Hanging Scale

    KHS Series Industrial Han..


    Kilotech’s KHS C3 series is a high quality industrial scale. Its sturdy, cast aluminium scratch resistant body and shatter resistant face cover makes it ideal for tough jobs of all kinds. The heavy duty welded steel mounting shackle ring and pointed large “J” hook make this scale ideal for butchers and hunters. The single sided 7.5″ dual kg and lb dial is easy to read.

  • Kilotech's KHS Series Hanging Dial Scale

    Kilotech’s KHS Seri..


    The dependability of Kilotech’s traditional dial scale with the added convenience of a hook apparatus. Used in grocery stores, farms, factories, quality control labs and seasonal markets, wherever economical but dependable checkweighing accuracy is required. Convenient dual metric and avoirdupois measurements. Large, easy to read, colour coded 7″ dual dial chart ensures visual accuracy. Choice of two weighing surfaces: 11 ” tin pan or galvanized scoop.