Pallet Jack Scales

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  • Model SAC Pallet truck scale

    Model SAC Pallet truck sc..

    Three planks on the middle underside of a pallet can cause binding of the jack mechanism, resulting in an inaccurately high weight readout when the forks are raised (the pallet jack wheels do not usually bind).

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  • Pallet Truck Scales

    Pallet Truck Scales..

    The 5,000 lb. capacity, NTEP Approved, LTS-manufactured Pallet Truck Scale is the first in the industry to be approved with a 2 lb. graduation. The scale includes the multi-functional DR2100A scale indicator that can be interfaced with several peripheral devices. The Standard Version of the Pallet Truck Scale has a 5,000 pound capacity with a one pound gradation.

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  • Pallet truck with built-in Mettler

    Pallet truck with built-i..

    Powered by (6) “D” size batteries, making it ideal for portable use or for use in environments in which power may be unreliable. The display features six-digit, 25 mm (1 in) high characters and is backlit, making it easy to read. RS-232 port for sending data to a computer, printer, or other serial device.

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