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  • VLC Floor Scales

    VLC Floor Scales..

    Portable VLC, low-profile floor scales for industrial applications .Carbon steel models for shipping/receiving operations and stainless steel models for washdown applications and corrosive environments.VLC floor scales IND221, IND226, or IND246 terminal precalibrated at the factory as an option.

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  • VTS231 Portable Truck Scales

    VTS231 Portable Truck Sca..

    Steel-deck scale (cycle duty) for weighing all types of on road vehicles. Great for construction, demolition, logging, sand, gravel, and other operations that move from one job site to another. Modules are factory assembled and easy to install or move. Load cells transmit a powerful signal for accurate, reliable weighing.

    Operations that weigh 10 trucks per day, and those that weigh hundreds, both need the most accurate and reliable system to ensure that their business is both efficient and profitable. Configurations to match the needs of any application, from light commercial duty to extreme heavy capacity.

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  • VX Series Floor Scales

    VX Series Floor Scales..

    VX Series Floor Scales T32XW Washdown Indicator display in lb or kg, including a counting mode, geographical gravity correction that allows fast adjustment to local conditions. NTEP certified (2500L and 5000L models).

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  • W-FL5000 Weighmax Floor Scale

    W-FL5000 Weighmax Floor S..

    Capacity: 5000lb, Sensitivity: 2lb, Heavy duty steel channeled structure, Desk or Wall Mount swivel bracket Built-in rechargeable battery, The Weighmax floor scales are durable and consistently accurate.

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  • Warrior Washdown Scales

    Warrior Washdown Scales..


    Adams Warrior scales handle tough wash-down and cleanroom environments. Made from stainless steel construction which provides the base and indicator a rugged durable long life.

  • Weigh Leg Frames

    Weigh Leg Frames..

    Description: Weigh Leg Frames are interchangeable weighing elements that can create a scale out of any conveyor section – either static or in-motion. High grade powder paint finish carbon steel or stainless steel. Avery Weigh-Tronix offers stand alone Weigh Leg frames ro retrofit existing conveyors or all system components including to build the needed system for your application. System components can also be purchased to retrofit existing conveyor installations.

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  • Weigh Rails

    Weigh Rails


    Weigh Rails The Weigh Rail Scale is often a simple solution for a complicated application.

  • Weighing in Motion WL 110

    Weighing in Motion WL 110..

    Consists of 3 layers held together with strong adhesive bonding. The absence of any moving parts ensures a long life for these scale pads.

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  • Weighing Platforms IF Ex Stainless Steel Floor Scale

    Weighing Platforms IF Ex ..

    Top of the line Stainless steel flat-bed scales for use in EX zones. Readability: 3,000 e or 2 x 3,000 e (verifiable) or 15,000 d or 30,000 d (not for legal metrology). Weighing capacity: 150 kg to 3,000 kg. IP68 protected.

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  • Wheel Weighers

    Wheel Weighers


    Wheel Weighers, Wheel Weighers are used to check truck weights and avoid costly tickets. Standard size is 30″ wide by 84″ long. Total capacity is 60,000lbs. Flush mount pit frames and other sizes are available.

  • Wheel Weighers From Accuweigh

    Wheel Weighers From Accuw..

    Manufactured with high gradealuminium for durability under the most difficult environments and 20kg net weight allows weigh pads to be easily relocated because of the lightweight material. Outfitted with durable, reliable load cell cable of 10 metres length to allow for longer distances between weigh pads when required. Built with non-slip vulcanized rubber surface for extreme traction on all types of surfaces to eliminate slipping of the wheel weighers. Various capacities up to 10,000kg, each wheel weigh pad is fitted with six stainless steel load cells to distribute wheel weights more evenly over the entire weigh pad length. The load cells layout minimizes point loadings that greatly contributes to load cell failure in minimal load cell design weigh pads.

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  • Wireless Load Shackle Loadcell

    Wireless Load Shackle Loa..

    Straightpoint arsenal of tension & load monitoring products is the Radiolink Wireless Loadshackle. Offering lighter overall weight & reduced headroom the Straightpoint Wireless Loadshackle is perfect for tight applications. Our wireless Loadshackles are targeted at the digital dynamometer market and are used worldwide in heavy lift and rigging applications.

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  • WMH Weigh Platforms

    WMH Weigh Platforms..

    The WMH weighing platforms are designed for use in automated processes. Speed, ruggedness, precision and direct connectivity. The innovative sensors can be used for weight control as well as filling/dosing applications.

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  • Wrap Around Ramps

    Wrap Around Ramps..

    Wrap around ramps designed for Omni-directional access available for all low profile floor scales.

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  • WW-Paul Model LP-3000S Scale

    WW-Paul Model LP-3000S Sc..


    WW-Paul Model LP-3000S Scale is a low profile platform scale that is used under squeeze chutes or applications where a minimum platform height is required.

  • WW-Paul Model LP-3000S Scale

    WW-Paul Scales Model IQ P..


    Paul Scales Model IQ+710 Indicator can display and store up to 800 animal weights and their respective ID numbers. The ID�s can be keyed in on the indicator key pad or scanned in with an Electronic Identification (EID) system.