Baby Scale

Tiny tots don’t worry about their weight, but their doctors and parents do. Baby scales from Prime USA Scales provide accurate weight measurements for babies and small toddlers. Portable and easy to clean, our baby weighing scales feature an automatic shutoff feature to conserve battery power, plus a high-contrast LED display showing the weight in pounds or kilograms.

Our infant and toddler scales are versatile, too—you can weigh small pets the scales’ cradles or underlying flat weighing surfaces, which can accommodate an animal in a cage. You can gently lay an infant down in the cradle for weighing, or a toddler can sit in the cradle (with a parent or medical professional spotting them, of course!) to determine their weight.

The scale has a memory feature to record changes in infant and toddler weight over time, which helps monitor whether a child is on track, ahead, or behind in their development. Our baby and toddler weighing scales are useful for pediatrician’s and veterinarian’s offices as well as for home nurseries and animal shelters. Contact Prime USA Scales today with any questions you have about our baby scales.

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