1D USB Barcode Scanner

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RAVAS barcode weigh scanner is ideal for tracking products as they go out the door. The RAVAS barcode scanner is easy to use, is economically priced, and can be paired with many different RAVAS indicators. The RAVAS barcode scanner is ideal for logistic applications, tracking inventory, warehouses, shipping applications, and many other industry applications. WATCH OUR VIDEO BELOW.

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How does the weighscan work?

1. Pair the WeighScan with the RAVAS scale by scanning the MAC-code on the RAVAS indicator. This creates a fast pairing of the two devices and allows you to easily switch from one RAVAS scale to another.

2. Scan the barcode on the pallet for ID of the goods. The WeighScan records the ID-codes.

3. Via Bluetooth, the scale is interrogated for the actual weight, to be recorded on the WeighScan with the ID.

4. Date and time are added.

5. At the end of the day all data sets are downloaded to a PC via USB cable, in CSV format that can be opened in Excel.


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