HRB 103, HRB 203, HRB 303 Balance Scale 1mg Resolution


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Prime USA Scales offers our HRB series balance scale. Great for accuracy, precision, and laboratory use. Comes in three capacity options: 100g, 200g, and 300g. Each option will have a 1mg resolution. The scale features a 3.8″ round platter, glass shield, 2 year warranty, and arrives calibrated for accuracy.


  • HRB 103 Capacity: 100g x .001g (1mg)
  • HRB 203 Capacity: 200g x .001 (1mg)
  • HRB 303 Capacity: 300g x .001 (1mg)


  • Choose Capacity: 100g, 200g, & 300g
  • Resolution : 1mg
  • 0.8″ LCD w/ backlight
  • 200,00 divisions/ 1.3m internal resolution
  • AD update speed: 7.5HZ
  • Round 3.85″ platter
  • AC Adapter (batteries not included)
  • Units: g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct

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