AND Weighing AD-4212B Series Production Weighing Systems


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If you require a high-speed precise weighing system for applications such as filling capsules with medicine, monitoring the volume of battery liquid, or controlling the amount of resistor ink for semiconductors — or something else requiring extreme precision — AND Weighing’s AD-4212B Series Production Weighing Systems were made for you. Added benefits are improving productivity and reducing costs.


Why these weighing systems? AND Weighing’s AD-4212B Series Production Weighing Systems offer high resolution with fast response, compact weighing sensors that can be placed anywhere in the production line, dustproof and splash-proof keyboard protection and displays that comply with IP-54, and standard RS-232C interfaces and WinCT software for easy data collection. What a weigh to go!


Why Prime USA Scales? We are digital scale experts, with years of experience helping grateful customers acquire the right scales for their needs. Our focus is on durability and longevity — so we offer quality-built USA-made scales that will last for many years. And, shipping is always free!

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