ED-6, ED-15, ED-30, & ED-60 Counting Scale NTEP (Legal for Trade)

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Sophistication is usually in the eye of the beholder, but it will certainly come to mind when you set your eyes on this digital scale. CAS Scales’ ED-Series Bench Scales — Legal for Trade are advanced weighing scales featuring high resolution and a variety of functions in what can only be called sophisticated machines. They’re ideal for use in labs, jewelry and anywhere else where precision is key.

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CAS series ED comes in a variety of weighing capacities. Great for use multiple weighing options. The ED series has options for counting parts, checkweighing, accumulation, or basic weighing. The ED series also has the option to be used with a printer via the RS-232 port.


  • Dual Range Capacity Included
  • Weighs in: lb, oz, kg, & g’s
  • 9 Button Key Functions
  • Counting Parts Function
  • Percent Weighing Option
  • Large LCD Digital Display
  • Includes RS-232 Interface Port
  • 2 Year Manufacturer’s Warranty
  • Legal For Trade, Class III (NTEP #09-072)
  • Optional Label & Receipt Printers

Capacity Options: 

  • ED-6: 3 lb x .001 lb & 60 lb x .002 lb (dual capacity)
  • ED-15: 6 lb x .002 lb & 15 lb x .005 lb (dual capacity)
  • ED-30: 15 lb x .005 lb & 30 lb x .01 lb (dual capacity)
  • ED-60: 30 lb x .01 lb & 60 lb x .02 lb (dual capacity)


  • DLP-50: Label Printer via RS-232 price is: $275
  • DEP-50: Receipt Thermal Printer via RS-232 is: $275
  • LST-8060 Labels to be used with Printer is: $49 each



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