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Sophistication is usually in the eye of the beholder, but it will certainly come to mind when you set your eyes on this digital scale. CAS Scales’ ED-Series Bench Scales — Legal for Trade are advanced weighing scales featuring high resolution and a variety of functions in what can only be called sophisticated machines. They’re ideal for use in labs, jewelry and anywhere else where precision is key.

Why these digital scales? CAS Scales’ ED-Series Bench Scales — Legal for Trade feature simple operation with just nine function keys; easy icons on display for better understanding; and counting, percentage, and accumulation modes. They’re also equipped with a weight/count/percentage comparison function, double type tray (plastic and stainless steel), rechargeable battery, and blue backlight LCD.

Why Prime USA Scales? As digital scale experts, we have years of experience helping loyal customers acquire the right scales for their needs. Because we focus on durability and longevity, we offer quality-built USA-made scales that will last for years to come — and we never charge for shipping!

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