Detecto 1100 Platform Scales (Discontinued)

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Bench scales that offer high accuracy and sturdy construction with minimum scale maintenance? Yes, please! The underlying principle of Detecto’s 1100-Series Bench Scales Legal for Trade is precision engineering — every component has been specially designed to ensure sustained, long-term accuracy under prolonged usage. They meet all requirements of Handbook 44, issued by the National Institute of Standards and Technology and have been issued Certificates of Conformance.


Why these industrial scales? Detecto’s 1100-Series Bench Scales Legal for Trade feature thermal elastic temperature-compensating springs and oil dashpots and special tip locks and bearings that prevent platform tipping — which eliminates pivot and bearing abuse and ensures accurate long life weighing. Side checks bring the platforms quickly to rest, providing accurate readings from large 19” dials.


Why Prime USA Scales? As digital scale experts, we have many years of experience helping our customers acquire the best scales for their needs. With durability and longevity and mind, we offer quality-built USA-made scales that will serve you for many years — and the shipping is on us!

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