Detecto PZ-3000 Ingredient Scale


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If you’ve been looking for the ideal weighing solution for pizza creation, sandwich making and bakery preparation — you’ve found it! Detecto’s PZ3000-Series Digital Food Ingredient Scales are easy to operate and have no moving parts that can break. They also promote faster prepping and sanitary conditions with totally touchless zeroing of each ingredient.


Why these digital scales? Detecto’s PZ3000-Series Digital Food Ingredient Scales are easy to read, with large backlit LCD readouts featuring 0.7” digits, and easy to clean, with removable stainless steel platters. They allow convenient unit switching between the most used measurements — and each measurement can easily be turned off. Battery operated with up to 50 continuous hours of battery use, these digital scales also come with AC adapters.


Why Prime USA Scales? We are digital scale experts, with years of experience helping grateful customers acquire the right scales for their needs. Our focus is on durability and longevity — so we offer quality-built USA-made scales that will last for many years. And, shipping is always free!

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