Digiweigh Floor Scale & Ramp


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Digiweigh DWP-R series floor scale. Comes in two available sizes: 4’x’4 or 5’x5′. With either one floor scale ramp or one ramps. The scales come in a standard 5,000 lb capacity with 1 lb accuracy. Included is the Digiweigh is the DWP series indicator. The DWP series indicator has a built in rechargeable battery, counting function, and LED high visibility. The scale is designed with 1/5″ thick diamond steel deck, 100% overload protection, and four alloy steel load cells.

Scale Features:

  • Four high quality alloy load cells
  • Unit is completely accurate within its full load range
  • Large deck measures 4 x 4 – ideal for standard pallets.
  • Easy to read indicator with large LED display
  • Equipped with a rechargeable battery
  • 15 foot cable to ensure safe, accurate readout
  • Tare function covers this versatile unit’s full capacity range.
  • Counting function enables workers to focus fully on the job


Scale Size: 48″ or 60″ square
Weighing Modes: lb / kg
Capacity: 5,000 lb
Accuracy: 1 lb
Platform Size: Diamond Steel
Platform Material: Painted Steel
Display LED
Power: 110V or Built-in Battery

Indicator Specifications:

Housing Plastic Housing
Weighing Modes: lb / kg
Power Supply 110V 50/60Hz
Display 6 Digits 1′ LED
Interface RS-232 Output
Battery: Rechargeable battery
Load Cell Drive Voltage 5V/ Max 150mA
Load Cells Up to eight 350 ohms cells


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