HRB-S 113, 213, 313, 1002 Balance Scale Stainless Steel with Glass Shield


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Prime USA Scales offers our HRB-S stainless steel balances for laboratory, school use, and applications that require easy cleaning. The unit has a stainless steel structure, pan, and glass shield. The stainless steel housing provides durability, resists water, and allows for spilling. These scales are designed for harsh environments in lab uses. The draft shield features glass panels with top and side sliding doors. HRB-S precision balances are easy to use with a large LCD display, 5 button keypad, multiple weighing units, and an easy level bubble.

Models / Capacities: 

  • HRB-S 113 Capacity: 110g x 0.001g
  • HRB-S 213 Capacity: 210g x 0.001g
  • HRB-S 313 Capacity: 310g x 0.001g
  • HRB-S 1002 Capacity: 1,100g x .01g


  • Full stainless steel housing and weigh pan
  • Glass panel draft shield with sliding top and side doors
  • External span calibration with test weights
  • User-friendly operation with 5 button keypad
  • Supports multiple weighing units
  • Backlight LCD display is easy to read
  • Stainless steel weighing pan
  • Stable, Negative, Zero, Tare, Units and Low Battery indicators
  • RS232 communication
  • Battery Power optional
  • Units: g, oz, lb, dwt, ozt, ct



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