Intercomp 140759 IntercompWeigh Software

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IntercompWeigh Software communicates with Intercomp’s RFX digital indicators. This software can be used on Intercomps crane scales, wheel scales, tensions scales, pallet jack scales, aircraft scales, and many other weighing products. The user can manage the weighing process, view weighing data, scale data, customized layouts, and generate reports in one easy click. Easily manage the Weighing Process and Create Comprehensive Reports for the team.

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Intercomp’s software can be set-up for any scale configuration in any weighing operation to track inventory, processes, procedures, customized records, and detailed analysis. By using Intercomp’s wireless RFX indicator you can easily combine wireless nodes to communicate directly with scales without cables.


  • Tracks up to 32 Scales
  • Tracks up to 15 Dynamic Weighing Fields
  • Can be used in Real Time
  • Display Options: Peak Values, NET/Tare Values, & Accumulation
  • Import/Export files via .xlm, Excel or Text File
  • Control Scale Functions
  • System is Intuitive and User-Friendly
  • Easy to Find Data
  • Multiple Search Options

Build Custom Scale Layouts:

  • Weighing Applications Allow for Custom Creative Layouts
  • Design Mode Allows Users to Create Unlimited Scale Configurations

Intuitive Notifications

  • Set Target Weight
  • Set Weight Limits
  • Set Points for a Visual & Audible Alarms
  • Warning for Reaching Max Capacity
  • In-Motion Detection for Accurate Weights

Powerful & Easy Reporting

  • Comes with Set Default Reports
  • Can be Set-up for Custom Reports
  • Track All Weighing Records & Reweigh
  • Export Specific Project Data/ Values or All Data
  • Allows Printing Reports & Creating Tickets



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