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USA Measurements “Maverick” Truck Scales for heavy duty weighing applications. We offer sizes from 10′ up to 120′ in 10′ or 11′ width. Our scales come with a standard 100,000 lb capacity from sizes 10′ to 60′ and 200,000 lb on 70′ and up. Our package includes a modular designed truck scale, steel side rails, portable steel frame, (2) ramps, AW-1680 digital indicator, TM-U295 printer, and outdoor scoreboard display. This is everything you need to set-up to start weighing trucks. Our scales are designed with 20% more steel than our competitors, 200% overload protection, and 10 year warranty. WE OFFER FREE SHIPPING TO ADDRESS WITH FORKLIFT.

Built for Reliable use: USA Measurements is devoted to offering the best quality, reliable, and most accurate truck scales on the market. The Maverick truck scale line is great for a variety of weighing applications for new customers, existing customers, upgrades, and customized to fit existing foundation.

Outperforms the Competitors: USA Measurements utilizes tread plate decking for robust durability, reliable accuracy, and overall strength. Each section is supported by orthotropic ribs that are sealed by continuous welds across the scale. Most competitors will use tack welding in various spots throughout the scale, which can lead to platform flexing overtime. Our Maverick truck scales are sealed to avoid rusting from inside the scale, the ribs are shaped to distribute concentrated loads across the scale, and this leads to a better quality weighing experience with more accurate measurements.

Bolt together Modular System: The Maverick truck scale offers a build as you go modular design. This allows customers to start with a 10′ platform and build all the way up to 100′ or more in length. The modular design makes it easier to repair, easy to maintain, and the flexibility to add more length to any existing scale.

Top of the line Equipment: Each Maverick truck scale is built in a fully rotating clip to ensure proper finish of the scale. The rotation process during the assembly and building of the scale provides uniform welds across the steel deck. Our factory lines can produce perfectly welded platforms from 10′ up to 100′ or more using 3D printer technology.

Easy Installation: The Maverick truck scale is designed for quick easy installation which only takes 2 to 3 hours for set-up. Our scales are designed with 6 bolts, only require 3 people onsite to install, and a forklift. Each modular design is built with special tabs to unload and install each section. This avoids using cranes, excavators, and other costly machinery when this can be done with a simple forklift.

Powder Coating Finish: Each Maverick truck scale is finished with our platinum ruby red powder coating that is baked into the truck scale frame. Our process of baking the powder coating finish into the scale is lasting up to 8 times longer than our competitors scales. This protects against chipping, corrosion, rust, scratches, fading, and other blemishes. Our powder coating is a non-corrosive component that allows for use in chemical applications. This process is IS safe in operations and environmentally safe.


  • Gross Capacity: 100,000 lb to 200,000 lb
  • CLC (Concentrated Load Capacity): 80,000 lb
  • Width: 10′ to 14′
  • Length: 10′ to 120′
  • Module Length: 10′ to 20′
  • Scale Profile: 14″
  • Scale Clearance: 5″
  • Deck Plate Thickness: 5/16″
  • Weighbridge End Plates: 1/2″ x 11″
  • Inner Supports: 3/4″ thick slab
  • Finish: Full Protective Powder Coating
  • Load Cell Type: Double Shear Beam, Analog, Stainless Steel
  • Load Cell Capacity: 75,000 lb
  • Load Cell Cable: Stainless Steel with rodent protection
  • Junction Box: NEMA 4X rated stainless steel
  • Summing Card: 10 Cell board with lightning protection
  • Surge Protection: Lightening and surge protection
  • Installation Type: Above or Flush (inground) mounted
  • Shipping Weight: 24,000 lb
  • Warranty: 10 Years Steel Frame; 5 Years on Electronics
  • Certification: Non-NTEP (Not legal for trade)

AW1680 Weighing Indicator: The Maverick AW1680 smart weighing digital indicator is built with an all stainless steel enclosure. Our AW1680 indicator is designed specifically for truck scale weighing applications, features programmability, and comes standard with keyboard tare entry. Our Maverick AW1680 offers a bright LED display for easy readout in darker areas and comes standard with a full duplex RS-232 port can transmit data on demand or continuously to match the input requirements of a wide variety of peripheral devices including printers, remote displays and computers.


  • Heavy Duty Stainless Steel Enclosure
  • NEMA 4X Rated
  • Displays up to 50,000 lb Graduations
  • Drives up to eight 350 load cells
  • Internal Power Supply
  • Full Duplex Rs-232 Serial Port
  • Simplex RS-232 / 20mA Current Loop Serial Port
  • Keyboard Tare Entry & APW Stored in Non-Volatile Memory
  • Keyboard ID Entry
  • Gross / NET / Tare / Print
  • Ticket Model with 6 Digits ID Number
  • Easy to Read LED Display
  • Piece Counting Mode
  • Time / Date Standard


  • Load Cell Excitation: +10 VDC
  • Load Cell Current: Drives up to eight 350 Load Cells
  • Analog Signal Input Range: 0.2 mV/V min to 3.0 mV/V max
  • Analog Sensitivity: 0.4 V/grad, Minimum, 1.0 μV/grad
  • A/D Conversion Rate: Up to 30 meas/sec at a span gain setting of 25
  • CE Electromagnetic Compatibility: Directive 89/336/EEC, EN50082-1
  • EN61000-4, EN-55011 A/D: Up to 300,000 Internal Counts at 3 mV/V
  • Display Resolution: Up to 50,000 external grads, selectable
  • NIST Classification: H-44 Class III, IIIL at 10,000 Divisions
  • Key Functions: Zero/Off, Net/Gross, Tare, lb., kg, Stable, Pieces

Maverick Models 10′ Width: 

  • US-MV1010-100K: 10’x10′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV2010-100K: 20’x10′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV3010-100K: 30’x10′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV4010-100K: 40’x10′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV5010-100k: 50’x10′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV6010-100k: 60’x10′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV7010-200k: 70’x10′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV8010-200k: 80’x10′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV9010-200k: 90’x10′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV10010-200k: 100’x10′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV12010-200k: 120’x10′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity

Maverick Models 11′ Width: 

  • US-MV1011-100K: 10’x11′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV2011-100K: 20’x11′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV3011-100K: 30’x11′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV4011-100K: 40’x11′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV5011-100k: 50’x11′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV6011-100k: 60’x11′ Platform with 100,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV7011-200k: 70’x11′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV8011-200k: 80’x11′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV9011-200k: 90’x11′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV10011-200k: 100’x11′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity
  • US-MV12011-200k: 120’x11′ Platform with 200,000 lb x 10 lb capacity

What’s Included: 

  • Steel Deck Truck Scale
  • Load Cells 75,000 lb Stainless Steel
  • Steel Guide Rails (Left & Right Side)
  • AW1680 Weighing Indicator with 150 In/Out Program
  • Outdoor Safe Scoreboard Display 3″ Digits
  • TM-U295 Ticket Printer
  • (2) Steel Ramps On & Off
  • Portable Frame for Above Ground Installation
  • All cables, hardwire for installation, & set-up instructions



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