OP-924 Crane Scale 500 lb to 3,000 lb Capacity


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Prime USA Scales offers the OP-924 General Purpose Crane Scale for an easy solution to your overhead weighing needs. The OP-924 general purpose crane scale is lightweight, available in LED or LCD, includes wireless remote, and is designed for portable use. The unit operates off rechargeable battery or the included AC adapter. It also includes a wireless remote to capture and hold the weight, tare, & zero from your hand.

The OP-924 is great for recycling, overhead weighing, portable applications, use with a crane, or other lifting device. The LED light is better for indoor dark uses. The LCD is recommended for outdoor use in bright sunlight. The OP-924 will arrive calibrated and ready for uses. Available in capacities from 500 lb up to 3,000 lb. The scale includes thee top shackle, bottom clevis hook, wireless remote, and AC adapter.


  • Economical, light weight and hand held general purpose crane scale
  • Features an easy to read, backlighted LED or LCD display
  • Measured values in either pounds (lb) or kilograms (kg)
  • Powered using a rechargeable battery pack (up to 80hrs)
  • The standard remote controller allows users to change units, clear measurements, zero and tare out weight
  • Remote controller can capture peak weight at a distance of up to100 feet (30m)
  • Wireless remote control with Hold function
  • 2 year manufacturer warranty


  • Accuracy: III
  • Tare range: 100%
  • F.S. Zero range: 4%
  • F.S. Maximum safe load: 125%
  • F.S. Overload: 100%
  • F.S. Display: 5 digit – LED or LCD
  • Power: 6V/3.2Ah battery
  • Charger: AC110V Input
  • Surrounding: -5°F ~ 140°F
  • Operating temperature: 15°F ~ 105°F
  • Warranty: 2 Year Manufacturer warranty

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Product no. Capacity Display
OP-924A-500 500 x 0.1 lbs LED Red
OP-924B-500 500 x 0.1 lbs LCD Black
OP-924A-1,000 1,000 x 0.2 lbs LED Red
OP-924B-1,000 1,000 x 0.2 lbs LCD Black
OP-924A-1,500 1,500 x 0.5 lbs LED Red
OP-924B-1,500 1,500 x 0.5 lbs LCD Black
OP-924A-2,000 2,000 x 0.5 lbs LED Red
OP-924B-2,000 2,000 x 0.5 lbs LCD Black
OP-924A-3,000 3,000 x 0.5 lbs LED Red
OP-924B-3,000 3,000 x 0.5 lbs LCD Black


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