OP-918M Motorized Pallet jack Scale


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Prime USA Scales OP-918M completely self propelled electric pallet jack scale. Designed with integrated scale to weigh pallets and electronically move them throughout the warehouse. Our system is design for easy, efficient and effortless use. Having a scale built into your pallet jack will increase efficiency, speed, productivity, and eliminating taking up space in your warehouse with a floor scale. Prime USA Scales Pallet Jack’s are robust, rugged, durable, efficient and cost effective. Our motorized pallet jack scale makes it easy to transport, lift, and weigh any pallet without any effort. Simply pressing a few buttons and directing the scale. Our pallet jack scale OP-918M is an ideal solution for any mobile applications.


  • Unique and user friendly design
  • Suitable for industrial pallets and crates
  • Integrated design is exclusive in the market and built to last
  • Reinforced construction for heavy and long use
  • Ultra Low 70mm profile and tapered forks for easy entry into pallets
  • Ergonomic, no pumping needed handle, for easy lifting, moving and weighing
  • Effortless steering on flat or uneven surfaces
  • Battery lasts 6 hours with continuous use
  • Standby life is 4 to 6 days
  • Built-in NTEP approved load cells
  • Includes a built-in LCD display and optional thermal printer (P model)
  • 8 hour charge time
  • Units: lb and kg switchable
  • Lift Height: 100mm
  • Fork Length: 1120mm
  • Battery Voltage: 24 V
  • Load Capacity: 1.5 t
  • Weight: 285 kg


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