Optima OP-AIR-928 Airplane Scale


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Prime USA Scales OP-AIR-928 airplane scale can be used to weigh a variety of air planes. We have two sizes available on our pads: 16″ x 14″ or 24” x 16” with an overall height of 2″ H. Our systems come in a set of 3 pads with digital indicator. The digital display can read individual weights and total gross weight. The capacity ranges from 10,000 lb up to 75,000 lb. Each OP series pad is portable weighing 40 lb.  They are built with strengthened airplane aluminum steel. The digital display operates with AC power adapter or the built in rechargeable battery. The OP-903 display features an RS-232 port to hook to computer or PC. It also has a receipt printer to print the weight, date, and time. Our system also includes three stainless steel cables, and built in ramped ends.

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