PS-80KAXLE Portable Weigh in Motion Scale

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Prime heavy duty portable weighing in-motion axle scale set and an economical alternative solution to full size truck scales. Design for weighing tractor trailers, dump trucks, tri/quad axle trucks, and more. It is very easy for the installation and simple steps for the operation as well. Outstanding product features include the following:

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Rated Capacity Dynamic weight: 40,000 lbs per pad (80,000 lbs per axle weight)
Static: 40,000 lbs per pad (80,000 lbs per axle weight)
Accuracy Dynamic: accurate to >3% of gross vehicle weight, 95% CI
Static: wheel load accurate to 0.5% full scale nominal
Overload Capacity 125% full scale safe overload (electronics protected)
150% full scale ultimate overload (metal protected)
Temperature Range -30ºC to 80ºC (operating), -10ºC to 60ºC (compensated based on an additional 0.05% to 0.10% FS static error for every 10ºC deviation from 20ºC)
Graduation 20 lb standard
Weight 84 lbs / pad (2 pads per system) tracking (73 lb each set)
Material High Strength Aluminum (frame and weighing surface) and
Stainless Steel (bottom plate)
Ground Requirements Fatigue limit and accuracy is significantly affected by the scale foundation.  This scale system must be used on cement and pavement only and should be level within 1/8″ per square meter
Dimensions Each Pad Dimension: 31.5″ x 13.78″ x 0.87 & Each Ramp Dimension: 31.5″ x 59″ x 0.87
Sealing Standard IP-66: totally protected from dust; muddy conditions, protected from strong jets of water (Not for use in heavy down pours of rain for hours at a time)
Power Dynamic scale is powered by Included AC adapter and built in rechargeable battery.



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