PW-800 Pallet Jack Scale (USA Made)


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Prime USA Scales Intercomp PW-800 pallet jack scale. Manufacture in the USA. This pallet jack scale is ideal for robust and heavy duty warehouse appliciations. The PW series is a 5,000 lb capacity with a plus or minus 0.1% accuracy. The PW-800 Series Intercomp Pallet Truck scaleo perates off rechargeable battery or included AC/DC charge. Standard fork sizes are 27” x 48” or 21” x 48” for weighing any pallet sizes. The Intercomp PW sseries is American made and constructed with a 200% overload protection, 1/4” thick steel frame, and polyurethane wheels. Included is a calibration for accuracy and 2 year warranty.



  • Low Profile 2.9”
  • Counting Parts/Tantalization for inventory
  • Accuracy of 0.1%
  • 5,000 lb Capacity
  • LB/KG Switchable
  • Large LED digital indicator
  • Multi-purpose Weighing
  • Forks: 27” x 48” or 21” x 48”
  • Incoming/outgoing freight
  • Tare up to 200% capacity

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