Floor Scale Ramps OP-750


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Prime USA Scales floor scale ramps allow access for rolling on and off the scale platform. The OP-750 comes in a variety of sizes to fit floor scales from 2′ up to 5′ (Custom sizes available). Our ramps are designed with diamond plated steel, 200% overload protection, low profile, and anchor tabs to hold the ramp in place. IN STOCK FREE SHIPPING!

The OP-750 ramp is commonly used on the OP-916 floor scale series. It can also be used on a variety of other scale brands as well. Each floor scale ramp is designed to roll items on and off the scale. This can be carts, dollies, pallet jacks, tanks, items with caster wheels, and anything else that rolls.


  • Capacity: 10,000 lbs
  • Allows for easy entrance or rolling onto scale
  • Easy to install with 4.5” anchor bolts
  • For use on a variety of floor scale brands
  • 5 Year Manufacturer Warranty

Model & Size: 

  • OP-750-2×2 (24″x24″)
  • OP-750-2×3 (24″x36″)
  • OP-750-3×3 (36″x36″)
  • OP-750-4×3 (48″x36″)
  • OP-750-4×40 (48″x40″)
  • OP-750-4×4 (48″x48″)
  • OP-750-5×40 (60″x40″)
  • OP-750-5×4 (60″x48″)
  • Custom Sizes Available

Please note: this listing is ONLY for the ramp and does not include any scale. Due to available stock color many change between black, blue, yellow, or army green. If you have a preference please send a note on checkout.


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