Rockwell Hulk Steel Deck Truck Scale


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Prime USA Scales offers our Rockwell Scales Hulk truck scale. The Hulk truck scale is American made with a steel deck for all commercial applications. The Hulk Truck scale is constructed with a 3/8” thick reinforced steel. Comes in a variety of sizes  from 10 ft up to 100 ft. The Hulk is customized and built to order specifically designed for your application. Each model comes with digital indicator, printer, scoreboard, and rub rails. The Hulk truck scales are designed for rough industrial applications and are time tested for durability and accuracy. This model scale is built for customers that need to weigh up to 400-500 trucks per day.

The Hulk Series truck scales are designed to accommodate a minimum of 400 trucks per day with a DTA (dual tandem axle) load of 45,000 pounds for 25 years without weighbridge fatigue.  This is equivalent to over 2 million weighments.  In addition, the patented load cell suspension design will ensure reliable, legal-for-trade accuracy that you can depend on for years to come. Finally, to make your truck scale investment decision even easier, Hulk Truck Scale comes with a 2-year weighbridge guarantee, and to ensure worry free operation.Unlike most “economy class” models the Hulk series truck scales does not sacrifice quality for price. The Hulk steel deck modules boast wide flange I-beam construction.


  • Top access to load cells and junction box
  • 75,000 lb capacity load cells
  • Multiple Junction boxes
  • NTEP-certified, CC #02-003A1
  • 90,000 lb Concentrated Load Capacity (CLC)
  • 90,000 lb Dual Tandem Axle (DTA)
  • Up to 1000,000 lb to 200,000 lb scale capacity
  • Span deflection ratio (1:1100) for legal highway loads
  • Three standard widths: 10′, 11′, and 12′ (available up to 13′, NTEP-certified)


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