Sartorius ED-Series Extend Lab Balances


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As a laboratory professional, you certainly are aware that all lab balances are not created alike — and you may need multiple balances to handle a variety of weighing applications. Good thing you have access to Sartorius’ Extend Laboratory Balances — two ED Extend Analytical Balances and 31 — yes, 31! — Extend Precision Balances and Scales. Which one(s) meet your needs?


Why these laboratory balances? Sartorius’ Extend Laboratory Balances provide reliable weighing results all the time — even under less than ideal ambient conditions — thanks to their sophisticated digital compensation algorithms. Take advantage of 21st century technology like unique robotically etched monolithic weigh cells — which ensure long-term, high accuracy and minimize the effects of temperature drift — and novel housing finishes that withstand many aggressive solvents.


Why Prime USA Scales? As digital scale experts, we have years of experience helping loyal customers acquire the right scales for their needs. Because we focus on durability and longevity, we offer quality-built USA-made scales that will last for years to come — and we never charge for shipping!

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