Livestock Scale Cage USA Made (Scale Not Included)

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USA Measurements “Easy Cage” US-EC5520 proudly made in the USA. Our cage is built with a strengthened aluminum steel making it durable, easy to move, and built for heavy duty use. Our US-EC cage can fit a variety of scales from 38″x20″, 43″x20″, 44″x22″, and 55″x20″. The cage weighs roughly 70 lb and can transported to different locations.

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USA Measurements “Easy Cage” has a unique design to allow your scale and cage to be used on grass, dirt, gravel, asphalt, cement, or any other surface. You will see flaps on each end of your livestock cage for your scale to be set-up on any surface. The “Easy Cage” also features swing doors, locks, and handles on each end to transport. Great for for weighing: dogs, sheep, goats, pigs, hogs, alpacas, small steers, and other small animals.


  • Robust Steel Design
  • Opening/Closing Gates
  • Open/Closing Locks
  • Built in Carrying Handles
  • USA Made Design & Engineered
  • Flaps for Scale Surface
  • Mesh Steel Cage on Sides
  • Unit Weight: 70 lb


  • Overall Length 53″
  • Overall Width: 35.5″
  • Inside Length: 50″
  • Inside Width: 20″
  • Overall Height 39″


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