US-WT100 Wireless Transmitter

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USA Measurements WT-100 wireless transmitter to make your scale system wireless. Can be used on bench scales, floor scales, pallet jack scales, truck scales, and many other weighing products. The wireless connection between the display and the scale requires no cables. This allows you to freely move around your scale display and to avoid damage to any interface cables. IN STOCK SHIPS OUT TODAY.  

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USA Measurements WT100 allows you to upgrade your scale from cable connection to wireless connection. The WT100 can connect the indicator and the scale base within 200′ range with direct line of sight. This model features 8 frequency channels and supports 8 scale sets in the same working area.


  • RF reception range 200 ft
  • Compatible with US-6011 indicators & load cells
  • Transmitter is powered by built-in rechargeable battery
  • Receiver is powered by indicator excitation voltage
  • Bi-directional indication
  • Sleep mode to save power
  • Strong aluminum enclosure


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