Used 14″x18″ Bench Scale 300 lb

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Prime USA Scales PS Bench scale is great for any weighing application. Built with high accuracy, study construction and welding. Included is our large easy to read digital indicator, stainless steel platter, and column. Our unit arrives calibrated (Plug and weigh). Our indicator works with AC power adapter or built in rechargeable batteries for portability.

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Our PS-1418 comes in a 14″x18″ platform and has a capacity: 300 lb x .02 lb. System will come with LED digital indicator, calibration, and column. Easy to use, can be portable, and operates on rechargeable battery.


  • Built for any application such as scrap metal, recycling, over/under weighing
  • Welded sturdy construction
  • High accuracy single point strain gauge aluminum load cell
  • 6 digit, 1″ high bright red LED display
  • 120VAC 60 Hz AC adapter and rechargeable battery
  • Hinged bracket at the top of column allows indicator to tilt up or down
  • 4 adjustable feet for both even and uneven surfaces
  • kg/lb
  • Wall Mount and hardware
  • RS-232
  • Stainless steel Platform
  • 1 Year Warranty on Electronics


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