Weigh Safe Drop Hitch (Tongue Weight)


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Prime USA Scales offers our Weigh Safe Drop Hitch scale for trailer tongue weight. The built-in scale allows a user a visual weight to adjust your load before you hit the road. This provides safer loading and easy towing experience. In the past gauging your trailer tongue weight was guessing work or you had to rely on a bathroom scale. Now our Weigh Safe’s built-in scale allows any user a quick tongue weight when coupling to a trailer to your ball mount. The weight of your trailer will engage the hitch ball, which will adjust the internal hydraulic piston that sits on a bed of oil. When the piston drops into the oil, the pressure reading is sent out to the scale.


  • Tongue weight with built in scale
  • Built into the ball mount
  • Helps you balance your trailer
  • Promotes safe towing
  • Automatically measurement every time you couple a trailer
  • Eliminates the need for separate or commercial scales
  • 6061 T6 billet aluminum shank
  • Mounting platform provide superior strength and durability
  • Solid block construction provides greater strength
  • Rustproof for a clean finish that stands the test of time

What’s in the box:Β 

  • (1) Drawbar
  • (1) Slider with Gauge
  • (1) 2β€³ Ball 1- 2-5/16β€³ Ball
  • (1) Ball Retaining Pin
  • (1) Lock Plate Key Assembly
  • (1) Dust Lock Cover

Measuring Tongue Weight:

  • You must have your truck and trailer on flat, level ground
  • Being on a slant or grade changes will compromise the gauge accuracy
  • After trailer is coupled onto the tow ball, move the trailer frame back and forth with your foot to reduce friction
  • The tow ball and trailer coupler must be jounced to reduce friction and get an accurate tongue weight reading
  • Accuracy is +/- 1.25% over the full range of the scale (which is +/- 50 LBS accuracy)

Hitch Height Setting:

  • For the best towing performance, adjust the height of your hitch to make the towed trailer level to the ground. To accomplish this, use a level (if on level ground) or measure the distance to the ground on the front and rear of the trailer frame and adjust the coupler height in order to make both measurements the same.
  • For tandem β€œindependent” trailer axles, the height of your hitch does affect your tongue weight. If your trailer coupler is too high, the tongue weight increases and your back axle tires will receive more weight. If your trailer coupler is too low, your tongue weight will read less and increase the weight on the front axle tires. Without being level, your tongue weight will not read true and your tires will wear faster and unevenly.

Why is tongue weight important?

Tongue weight (TW) refers to the weight that the fully loaded trailer exerts downward on the hitch ball of the tow vehicle. Tongue weight is typically 10 percent – and should not exceed 15 percent – of your gross trailer weight. For example, a 10,000-lb trailer should have a tongue weight between 1,000 lbs and 1,500 lbs. You can adjust the tongue weight of your trailer by removing or adding cargo, or redistributing the load on the trailer. The tongue weight should not exceed the capacity of your tow vehicle, your hitch, or any of your towing components.

Simply put, too little tongue weight can cause trailer sway and too much tongue weight can cause the tow vehicle to perform poorly. You may have difficulty steering, gaining traction, or braking when driving a setup that has too much weight pushing down on the rear of the vehicle. Ultimately, towing with an improper tongue weight can cause you to lose control of your vehicle or cause your trailer to separate from the vehicle.

Features 4β€³ Drop Hitch 6β€³ Drop Hitch 8β€³ Drop Hitch 10β€³ Drop Hitch
Built-in Scale βœ“
Shaft 2β€³, 2.5β€³, or 3β€³
Ball 2β€³ & 2-5/16β€³ Stainless Steel Balls Included
1-7/8 add-on option”
Max GTW 7500 lbs – 1-7/8” ball
8000 lbs – 2” ball
12,500 lbs – 2-5/16” ball (2” shaft)
18,500 lbs – 2-5/16” ball (2.5” shaft)
21,000 lbs – 2-5/16β€³ ball (3β€³ shaft)
Max Tongue 1,500 lbs (2β€³ Shaft), 2,200 lbs (2.5β€³ & 3β€³ Shafts)
V5 & J684 certified βœ“
Drop Hitch Adjustment 1” increments
Weight 16 lbs 18 lbs 19 lbs 20 lbs
Ball material Stainless steel
Pin Dual pin key lock assembly included
Rise All hitches may be used in rise position *Gain 1 inch (e.g. 4” drops are 5” rises)
Total Height Add 3 inches (*e.g. 4” drops measure 7β€³ from the top of the receiver to the hitch base)
Hitch Pin Hole 5/8β€³ Diameter
Compatible with Clam Shell βœ“
Stowable βœ“***Our Weigh Safe 3β€³ shank sizes are not stowable
Saves Property βœ“
Saves Time βœ“



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