Forklift Scale Wireless Bluetooth 4.0


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Prime USA Scales Wireless Forklift scales are built for durable, robust, and extreme warehouse conditions. Each scale fork communicates weight to the digital display. This is done via bluetooth and relays the weight inside the forklift. No cables required, completely wireless, and set-up takes 10 mins. The weighing system is powered by Lithium Ion batteries.

Our wireless forklift scale comes in two models: PS-WFS-5K and PS-WFS-5K. The difference is Non-NTEP (Not legal for trade) vs NTEP approved (legal for trade) Both models have 42″ fork length (longer options available), bluetooth wireless technology, Lithium ion battery, and a 5,000 lb capacity. The PS-WFS-5K has a 0.1% accuracy. The PS-WFS-5K includes our Android/IOS app to track the weight, date, and time.

Our forklift scale can be installed on most forklifts in ten minutes, by the user. The system will come calibrated (plug and weigh). Compared to traditional forklift carriage scales. They are priced between $6,000 and $10,000. Not including the cost for a technician to install and calibrate. Carriage scales can weigh up to 400 lb, often requiring cabling and power from the truck battery, which causes a higher installation cost and time consuming.


  • No external cabling
  • Installation takes 10 minutes
  • Capacity: o to 2,000 x 2 lb / 2,000 to 5,000 lb x 5 lb
  • Forks sizes: 42″, 48″, 60″, 72″, & custom
  • Capacities: 5,000 lb, 6,000 lb, 10,000 lb & custom
  • Completely Wireless Forklift Scale
  • Compact Lithium Ion Battery Packs
  • PS-3200 Digital Indicator Display
  • Automatic Tilt Compensation
  • Standard Bluetooth 4.0 in Display
  • iOS and Android Compatible
  • Overload and Tip Load Logging
  • 2 Year Manufacturer Warranty
  • NTEP Approval (PS-WFS-5K-NTEP)
Indicator Specifications:Ā 
  • Developed for mobile use
  • Compact, robust and shock proof
  • Bluetooth data transfer
  • IntegratedĀ Voltage Converter
  • Dust and watertight
  • Automatic and manual zero correction
  • Gross/net weighing
  • Automatic tare by push button
  • Tare entry by cursor function
  • Total with sequence number
  • Low battery indication
  • Protection Class IP65
  • Power Supply:Ā  12V
  • Power Consumption 18mA



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