Industrial scales

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  • Horseshoe Scale industrial scales

    Horseshoe Scale..


    Horseshoe Scale, Our Horseshoe Scale weighs pallets from pallet jacks with no hang-ups. Available in various sizes up to 5’x5′ and 10,000lb capacity.

  • Low Profile Scale Cart

    Low Profile Scale Cart..


    Low Profile Scale Cart The Low Profile Scale Cart is used for easy transportation and weighing of goods at multiple locations. Sizes up to 5’x5′ with 10,000lb capacity.

  • Weigh Rails

    Weigh Rails


    Weigh Rails The Weigh Rail Scale is often a simple solution for a complicated application.

  • Wheel Weighers

    Wheel Weighers


    Wheel Weighers, Wheel Weighers are used to check truck weights and avoid costly tickets. Standard size is 30″ wide by 84″ long. Total capacity is 60,000lbs. Flush mount pit frames and other sizes are available.