Moisture Analyzers

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  • Hygrometer scale

    Hygrometer Scale..

    Hygrometers are instruments which measure the water vapor content in the atmosphere. There are several different means of transduction used in measuring this quantity and hence various types of hygrometers. These are: a) the psychrometer, which utilizes the thermodynamic method; b) the class of instruments.

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  • MB 35 and MB 45 Moisture Analyzer

    MB 35 and MB 45 Moisture ..


    The MB45 Moisture is ideal for sampling applications in the food processing, pharmaceutical, environmental, and chemical industries, providing loss on drying results in powders, pastes and/or liquids. The statistical function mode for process analysis makes the MB45 even more effective for applications such as Quality Control and Assurance.

  • MS/MX/MF/ML Moisture Analyzers

    MS/MX/MF/ML Moisture Anal..

    Moisture balances for numerous applications, Moisture % by gravimetric method, Test Parameter Memories, Timed or auto shut-off modes, Process Temperatures to 200C, Resolution from 0.1% to 0.001%, Bi-directional Rs232C included on all models.

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