Sartorius MA160-1 & MA160-1US Moisture Analyzers

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USA Measurements offers our Sartorius Moisture Analyzer model MA160. This model comes in our import and domestic options offering high flexibility, making it ideal for use in the widest range of sectors, such as laboratories, incoming goods and production departments. Its integrated Methods Develop- ment Assistant function will enable you to develop new methods that you can save in the memory for easy manage- ment of your methods library. The intuitive user interface reliably guides you step by step by text prompts through the measuring cycle of your method. The MA 160 is perfect for those of you users who need an especially flexible and reliable moisture analyzer. IN STOCK READY TO SHIP TODAY!

Unmatched Performance: The Sartorius MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer uses industry-leading 600-watt AURI heating units for uniform heating and homogenous sample drying. These advanced heating units are more durable and damage-resistant than conventional heating elements such as halogen heaters and infrared lamps. In addition to exceptional build quality, the Sartorius MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer heats up faster and is more resistant to ambient effects like dirt or vibration than other glass heating lamps.

Automated Processes for Greater Efficiency: The Sartorius MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer improves accuracy and precision with fully automatic endpoint determination. This feature eliminates time-intensive shut-off parameter screenings by ending the measurement process as soon as a constant sample weight is detected.

Extensive Customization: The integrated Method Development Assistant allows users to conveniently and intuitively develop new analysis methods custom-tailored to a wide variety of samples and laboratory and production tasks. The MA160 uses a simple three-test process to prove new analysis methods before final deployment. At the same time, the integrated library allows users to safely save up to 100 analysis methods for quick and easy deployment. Researchers can easily verify the performance of any analysis method on their MA160 Infrared Moisture Analyzer using the integrated ReproEasy pad, which provides a performance report in five minutes or less.

Applications:  The MA160 moisture analyzer is designed for quick and reliable determination of the moisture content of liquids, pastes and solids using the thermogravimetric method. The MA 160 accommodates a variety of samples and changing requirements by enabling you to use specific methods and efficiently manage all your method parameters, such as in QA laboratories and process control. Typical areas of application for the MA 160 include testing of foods, beverages, pharmaceuticals, chemicals, sugar, paper materials and products for environmental protection.

Performance: Fully automatic endpoint determination eliminates the inconvenience of time-consuming screening of shutoff parameters for the MA 160. The moisture analyzer monitors the drying process and ends the measurement once it detects a constant sample weight. The Methods Development Assistant function gives you valuable support in developing new methods for analysis of the widest variety of samples. Three easy test runs are all it takes to develop such methods and approve them for final release. The MA 160 has the capacity to store up to 100 methods and a library for convenient management of your methods. The analyzer additionally features a memory where the results of the last 999 measurements are automatically saved. The data of both memories for methods and results can be exported via the SD card.

Available Models: 

  • MA160-1: Standard model without country-specific additions and with automatic voltage recognition of 115 V | 230 V
  • MA160-1US: Standard model with country-specific additions for the USA


  • Fastest high speed measurements (30% faster than competition)
  • Built in Assistant function for development method
  • Memory Storage of results, methods, and weighing
  • Import and Export with SD Card
  • Reliable, accurate, and efficient performance testing
  • Easy to clean, user friendly, and easily portable
  • Compatible with MA150 & MA35

Technical Specifications: 

  • Max Weighing Capacity: 200g
  • Reproducibility: For initial sample weights of approx. > 1 g: ±0.2%
  • Reproducibility: For initial sample weights of approx. > 5 g: ±0.05%
  • Readability: 1mg (0.01%)
  • Typical Sample Quantity: 5g to 15g
  • Display Modes: Moisture content in %M and g , Dry weight in %S and g , ATRO (ratio) in %M/S
  • Temperate range: 40 °C – 200 °C, in increments of 1 °C Standby temperature selectable from 50 °C – 120 °C
  • Sample heating: Infrared radiation by an AURI heating unit, 600 W
  • Heating programs: Standard drying, gentle drying, MA 35 mode
  • Shutoff parameter: automatic, semiautomatic mg, semiautomatic %, & more
  • Access to sample chamber: Removable hood with wide opening angle
  • Operator guidance features: Intuitive user interface, including touch screen and easy-to-understand menu prompts
  • Language: English, Chinese, French, Italian, Japanese, Spanish and more
  • Method: 100 methods saved in the non-volatile memory
  • Method development: Enables users to readily develop new methods by performing just three test runs
  • Method Management: Menu for creating methods and managing a library containing up to 100 methods
  • Data Transfer: SD card; function for importing and exporting methods and results
  • Optional Forceps: For easy handling of sample pans
  • Performance test: Menu function for testing the analyzer’s performance using a ReproEasy pad
  • Memory: Results are saved for the last 999 measurements
  • Status light: Displays the status “analysis running / START,” “analysis completed / STOP” or “analysis error”
  • Sample Inspection: LED-illuminated sample chamber, inspection window with grid above the hood
  • Draft Shield: Integrated draft shield
  • Cleaning: Removable hood, grid and sample chamber plate
  • Data Interface: Mini USB port (Automatic detection of the Sartorius printers YDP30 and YDP40)
  • Frequency: 50 | 60 hz
  • Power Consumption: Max 640VA
  • Temperature range: 10 °C – 30 °C
  • Housing Dimensions: 215 × 400 × 210 mm (8.5” × 15.7” × 8.3”)
  • Unit Weight: Approx. 6.2 kg (13.6 lbs.)



  • 6965542: Disposable sample pans (80 units)
  • 6906940: Glass fiber pads for analysis of pasty and fatty samples (80 units)
  • 6906941: Glass fiber pads for analysis of liquid and fatty samples (200 units)
  • YHP01MA: ReproEasy pads (10 units)
  • YCW512-AC-02: External calibration weight 100g
  • YDP30: Premium GLP laboratory printer
  • YCC03-D09: Adapter cable for connecting the YDP20-OCE printer
  • YDP20-0CE: Data Printer
  • YTM15MA: Temperature adjustment set
  • YST01MA: Forceps for samples


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