AC-LP- 15"x15" Low-Profile Aircraft Scale

AC-LP- 15″x15″ Low-Profile Aircraft Scale

Intercomp aircraft scale 10,000lb (5,000kg), these scales are ideal to weigh anything from helicopters to Regional Jets. Fully Integrated RFX� Wireless Weighing Technology, allows for communication with a variety of indicators.

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2,500lb (1,250kg) to 10,000lb (5,000kg) Capacities
Accuracy of ±0.1% of Reading
Temperature Compensation, Auto Leveling & Auto Calibration Correction
Large, Easy-to-Read, LCD Display
1.7” (43mm) Profile
Platform Weighs only 30 lb (15kg)
Standard AA Rechargeable Batteries Last up to 300 Hours in Scales


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