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Digital Jewelry Scales

Our digital jewelry scales come in a variety of capacities and accuracy options. We provide such a diverse list of weighing devices because each application requires something difference. For example, we carry NTEP-approved legal-for-trade balances, with accuracies at 0.1g, .01g, .001g, .0001g, .000001g, and even more accuracy if needed. Furthermore, we offer capacities from as low as 100g up to as much as 60,000g. Each balance scale weighs a variety of functions, such as grams, ounces, pounds, kilograms, grains, and more. We also offer balances with glass shields, printing options, and software. As you can see, we want to provide the options you need to weigh jewelry effectively. If you need legal-for-trade scales, or an accurate digital jewelry scale use the list below to find a reliable match.

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