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As you may have learned, some industrial scales just aren’t up to the challenge of operating over a long term in a rugged environment. That certainly isn’t the case when it comes to Adam Equipment’s AFK Bench Scales, which are built tough to deliver reliable performance and effortless weighing for a long, long time.


Why these digital scales? Adam Equipment’s AFK Bench Scales are designed for rugged industrial application with sleek, stainless steel indicators that have superior sealing to protect from dust — ensuring longevity. With six weighing units — kg, g, lb, oz, lb:oz and Newtons — these powerhouses offer all the flexibility you need. Other features include a hold function, large LCD display, external calibration, and RS-232 output.


Why Prime USA Scales? We are proud to be digital scale experts with years of experience helping our valued customers acquire the best scales for their needs. Because we know you deserve durability and longevity, we offer quality-built scales made in the USA that will last for many years — and shipping is always free!

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