AFW-F132, AFW-F330, & AFW-F660 Industrial Bench Scale

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The AFW series comes in a 16″x20″ platter size in capacities: 132 lb, 330 lb, and 660 lb (choose one). Each model are designed and programmed according to the OIML R-76 Class III requirements. These scales are sealed to prevent unauthorized access to internal parts. These are made up of heavy industrial use cast aluminum structure with stainless steel platform cover. It conserves battery power and can withstand harsh industrial environments. It allows the first article on the platter to be automatically tared. It enables you to see weight values from a distance, thereby reducing mistakes. It offers flexibility of operation, portability, minimum 150 hours. It will ensure that you always start weighing from zero.


  • Deep skirted stainless-steel platter
  • Overload and shock protection
  • Backlit LCD display with wide viewing angle
  • Reads in kilograms or pounds
  • Built-in rechargeable battery and external A/C adapter
  • Zero tracking
  • Automatic power save
  • Low battery indicator & charge status light
  • Adjustable feet & spirit level
  • In use dust cover for indicator
  • Indicator rotates through 135 degrees
  • Wide angle LCD display
  • Options for display: platform, pillar or wall mounted (3 ft of cable supplied)
  • Optional auto tare function
  • Gravitational correction software Easy to clean for food processing or harsh environments
  • Will withstand harsh industrial environments
  • Easy to see weight values from a distance, reduces mistakes
  • Flexibility of operation
  • Portability, minimum 150 hours
  • Ensures that you always start weighing from zero
  • Conserves battery power
  • Alerts you to charge the battery, saving downtime
  • Ensures scale can be leveled on uneven working surfaces
  • Keeps indicator clear from contamination
  • Enables viewing from all angles
  • Can be seen from a wide viewing range in sunshine, ideal for outdoor use
  • Flexibility of operation and position
  • Allows the first article on the platter to be automatically tared


  • Capacity options: 132 lb, 330 lb, & 660 lb (depends on model)
  • Readability: .20 lb, .05 lb, or 0.1 lb (depends on model)
  • Divisions: 6,000 to 7,500 (depends on model)
  • Weighing Units / Functions: lb / kg, animal weighing
  • Stabilization Time: < 2 seconds
  • Tare Range: To capacity by subtraction
  • Power Source: Built-in rechargeable battery or external power adapter (included)
  • Construction: Stainless steel pillar and platform with heavy duty cast aluminum base and rounded safety corners
  • Display: 1 inch high, 7 segment, wide viewing angle backlit LCD display
  • Platform Size (W x D x H): 425 x 524 x 115 mm
  • Overall Dimensions (W x D x H): 425 x 737 x 889 mm
  • Operating Environment: 32 ΒΊ F to 104 ΒΊ F non condensing R.H. Β£ 95%
  • Connectivity: RS232 Interface
  • Net Weight: 39 lb / 17.7 kg
  • Shipping Weight: 47 lb / 21.3 kg
  • Options: Dry Cell Battery Pack, Wheel Kit

Model / Capacity / Readability / Divisions:Β 

  • AFW-F132: 132 lb / 60 kg x .02 lb / .01 kg (6,000 Divisions)
  • AFW-F330: 330 lb / 150 kg x .05 lb / .02 kg (7,500 Divisions)
  • AFW-F660: 660 lb / 300 kg x 0.1 lb / .05 kg (6,00 Divisions)


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