CZ-1200N & CZ-1202N Balance Scales (Legal for Trade)


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There’s no need to worry about lack of precision in a jewelry balance — which can have significant repercussions that negatively affect your bottom line — when you choose Citizen’s CZ-Series Jewelry Balances — Legal for Trade. Both models have 1,200g capacity, and you can choose from 0.1g resolution or 0.01 resolution with five additional weighing units.

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Citizen Balance Scales for a variety of weighing applications such as: Jewelry, Marijuana, Laboratories, Gold, Gems, and many other applications. The CZ-1200 features one decimal place of accuracy with a square pan 5″x6″ size. While the CZ-1202N features two decimal places with a round platter 4.5″ diameter.


  • 1,200g Capacity
  • LCD Backlight
  • Includes AC Adapter
  • Four Adjustable Leveling Feet
  • Includes Built in Leveling Bubble
  • Weighs in: g, ct, lb, dwt, oz, & ozt
  • Either: 0.1g or .01g Readability
  • Pan Size: 4.7 Diameter on .01g
  • RS-232 Port for Printer, Software, or External Display
  • NTEP Approved (legal for trade) – Class II


  • CZ-1200N: 1,200g x 0.1g; Platter Size: 5″x6″ Pan
  • CZ-1202N: 1,200g x .01g; Platter Size: 4.5″ Diameter

Options (Please call to order): 

  • External Display: $495
  • Optional Printer: $695


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