Detecto 439S Stainless Medical Scale


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Medical scales used in proximity to swimming pools have traditionally performed poorly after sustaining water damage from mopping and high humidity — but that’s a thing of the past when you use Detecto’s Stainless Steel Mechanical Medical Scales. Gain Detecto’s proven functionality and the time-honored beauty and protection of stainless steel.


Why these medical scales? Dectecto’s Stainless Steel Mechanical Medical Scales allow you to enjoy the classic elegance of stainless steel in highly accurate mechanical weigh-beam scales, with die-cast beams that can be read from either side. Cleanup is a breeze with platform covers that easily lift off and stainless steel casings.


Why Prime USA Scales? As digital scale experts, we have many years of experience helping our customers acquire the best scales for their needs. With durability and longevity and mind, we offer quality-built USA-made scales that will serve you for many years — and the shipping is on us!

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