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Detecto’s DL series price computing scales with integrated label printer. Designed for users looking to customizable labels in any business. Great for use in delis, supermarkets, produce, convenience stores, seafood, grocery stores, and meat applications. The DL3010 features up to 5,990 PLUs and also 2-MB memory. The DL is easy to use, durable, reliable, and user-friendly. This model is NTEP approved (legal for trade).

Detecto Scales all in one solution for weighing, printing, price computing, and printing customized labels. Great for use with deli’s, grocery stores, food markets, seafood applications, restaurants, and many other applications. The DL features a 30 lb capacity with a .01 lb resolution. The DL1060 features a 60 lb capacity with a .02 lb resolution. The scale is NTEP approved (legal for trade) to buy or sell based on weight. The DL series features up to 5,990 PLUs out of the box and has an integrated thermal label with adhesive sticky labels. This helps with saving counter space to have an all in one scale and printer.

The DL offers customized print outs for your business needs. You can choose from up to 50 styles to fit your application. This easy to use printer allows a business to quickly and efficiently add the DL to any business. Included with the DL is the Utility PC software to customize your labels (Free). The keypad features 40 HOT keys (speed keys) to quickly call prices and product names to checkout. In total you can program up to 89 keys to quickly pull up any product in your store.

Detecto DL also features networking via USB, Ethernet, RS-232, and can be used with cash drawers. This makes it even easier to integrate with your existing POS system. The bright LED display makes it easy to see the weight, price, and easy for the customer. This scale is built with a stainless steel platform for easy cleaning.


  • Over 50 label types available for your business needs
  • Easy exporting and importing PLUs to Excel
  • User management with total control over PLU data
  • Includes firmware USB upgrades
  • Everything is Fully Backed up (Easy to duplicates a scale’s menu)
  • Each PLU can be modified, created, and viewable from the DLX50 Utility
  • PLU can be imported and exported via RS232, USB, or Ethernet
  • Easy to use custom bitmap graphics for Business Logo
  • Easy to fully customize layouts and fonts
  • PLUs are easy to quickly assign for HOT keys

Overall Dimensions: 

  • Width: 13 13/16″
  • Depth: 15 1/2″
  • Height 6 13/16″
  • Platform Size: 12 13/16″ x 8 7/8″


  • DL1030: 30 lb x 0.01 lb Capacity
  • DL1030P: 30 lb x .01 lb Capacity and Tower Display
  • DL1060: 60 lb x 0.02 lb Capacity
  • DL1060P: 60 lb x .02 lb Capacity and Tower Display


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