USA Made Drum Bunny Pallet Jack


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Prime USA Scales offers our Drum Bunny for mobile weighing solution. Ideal for applications that require frequent filling and inventory accuracy for drums. The Drum Bunny is great for easy portable movement from one location to another. With our Drum Bunny, you can  simply place the drum or container on the weighing platform to weigh it while easily weighing or moving the item to the next location. The unique, low profile platform and three load cell design of the Drum Bunny allows it to adapt to uneven floors without needing to unload/reset/reload. The design also provides superior accuracy, avoids the time-consuming setup of traditional four-point scales, and eliminates the need for repeated calibration. Column is foldable for easy portability.

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  • Portable digital indicator included in the package
  • Rechargeable power supply/USB micro universal connection
  • Folding handle for shipping
  • T-handle and rubber grips
  • Indicator 7400 LED Digital
  • Ships pre-calibrated and ready for use
  • Mild steel/powder coated finish
  • Load cells: (3) environmentally sealed
  • (2) fixed and (1) heavy duty swivel caster with lock
  • Designed to be moved with or without load in place
  • 2 Year Limited Warranty
  • Made in USA

Available Options: 

  • Stainless steel construction
  • Custom platform sizes and commodity holders
  • ‘LIVE’ safety post for safety
  • Non-portable model M6300-24R-1K NP
  • Setpoints, wireless communication, other indicators
  • Custom caster/wheel options per application

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