STG Pallet Jack Scale


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Prime USA Scales STG-5000-PJ pallet jack scale. The STG model “Scale to go” is great for portable applications. This scale is designed for light duty to medium duty applications. Designed with a 5,000 lb capacity and 1 lb weighing increments. The STG model includes digital indicator, calibration, and 1 year warranty. System is designed with 100% overload protection. Fork size measures 45″ L x 27″ W and 3.25″ H. The unit will arrive calibrated (Plug and weigh).

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  • Built in Rechargeable Battery
  • 45″ L x 27″ W and 3.25″ Height
  • 100% Scale Overload Protection
  • Impact Resistant Design
  • LED Digital Indicator
  • Arrives Calibrated
  • Portable Scale Design
  • Overall Height Lift 6″
  • 1 Year Warranty


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