LFT-700S Hog Sheep Crate Scale NTEP (USA Made)


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Prime USA Scales offers our Paul Livestock scale to weigh: hogs, goats, sheep, pigs, and many other small animals. The steel Crate Scale has the durability, performance, and reliability to have a scale over the next 20 years. The New and Improved WW-Paul Model LFT-700S still retains all of the time proven Paul Scales features and now also includes the new Side Slide. The LFT model is NTEP approved (Legal for trade).

The Paul Hog and Sheep Crate Scale has set the standard of performance for portable scales for many years. The new LFT-700S features: Side Slide, Bi-Fold Gate design, and easy set-up for faster operation. Since there are no heavy gates to lift, the LFT-700S can be operated by almost anyone, including children. The LFT-700S comes standard with mechanical weights. However, can be upgraded with an electronic load cell, ticket printer, portable wheels, and/or portable trailer if needed . The simple but rugged design combined with heavy duty steel construction guarantees you an accurate and dependable scale that you can count on for many years to come.

Note: Difference between the 58SX and the 70SX is the platform size and the capacity. 58SX has an inside dimensions: 50.75″ Long x 17.5″ Wide x 38″ High with a 500 lb capacity. The 70SX has an inside dimensions: 64.5″ Long x 18″ Wide x 38″ High with a 700 lb capacity. The 58SX and 70SX are not legal for trade. The LFT-700S has an inside dimensions: 64.5″ Long x 18″ Wide x 38″ High with a 700 lb capacity and is NTEP approved (Legal for trade).


  • USA Made Product
  • 700 lb x 1 lb Capacity
  • Standard Mechanical Scale
  • Durable-Reliable Quality
  • Side Slide bi-fold gate
  • Inside Dimensions: 64.5″ Long x 18″ Wide x 38″ High
  • Heavy Duty Steel Construction
  • Warranty: 5 Year Steel Frame
  • Warranty: 2 Year on Electronics
  • NTEP Approved (Legal for trade)


  • Wheel Kit for portable use
  • Sort Gate to Guide Animals
  • Wheel Kit and Sort Gate Combined
  • 482 Digital Weighing Indicator (Digital)


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