OP-915SSBW Bench Scale with Wheels and Backrail


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Optima stainless steel Bench scale for wash down, food applications, distilleries, recycling, and harsh chemical applications. Great for portable applications with built in handle, wheels, and locks. The OP-915SSBW is NTEP Approved (Legal for trade). The Optima bench scale is constructed with a high accuracy load cell, sturdy construction, and day to day use. Included is our OP-900SS indicator, rechargeable battery, and calibration. The caster wheels make the scale easy to move to any location. Ideal for weighing drums, barrels, containers, shipping, recycling, weighing produce, or any other certified applications.


  • Portable stainless steel scale and Indicator made for easy spray down washing
  • Designed for speed and accuracy with an extremely heavy duty platform, built in back rails and wheels
  • Ideal for busy shipping docks, outdoor markets, manufacturers, food processing and other bulk sales
  • High Resolution with overload protection
  • Some sizes can have wheels replaced by level feet
  • Standard Package Includes: Platform, Shroud, Indicator (Legal for Trade), Load Cells, Column, Wheels, Hardware
  • Stainless steel base, stainless steel platform
  • OP-900SS backlit LCD indicator with a rechargeable battery
  • Stainless steel load cell with hardwired cable to indicator for maximum water protection
  • Detachable column and tilt stand for table, wall or under counter mounting
  • Overload stops on scale base
  • Measurement units: lb, kg, g, oz, lb:oz
  • Lower/upper limit alarm
  • Counting feature (Not Legal for Trade)
  • Accumulation feature
  • Check-weighing feature for quick portioning
  • Level bubble
  • NTEP US Legal For Trade CC #: 11-016
  • Canada Legal For Trade CC#: AM-5817
  • Factory Calibrated
  • Overload Protection
  • 2 year Warranty Electronics
  • 5 Year Warrnaty on Frame

Indicator Features:

  • OP-900SS NTEP indicator with LED or LCD display
  • 1″ Tall backlit display
  • Rechargeable battery (up to 100 hrs)
  • Stainless steel washdown NEMA 4X casing
  • AC adapter included
  • Weighing units: (LED:kg/lb) ( LCD:lb/kg/g/oz/lb:oz)
  • Gross/Tare/Pre-Set Tare/Zero
  • Multiple Hold functions
  • Count weighing
  • Accumulation weighing
  • Overload / Underload alarm
  • Splash proof  keyboard and display
  • Connects to a remote display and printer
  • NTEP approved for 5,000 divisions
  • Displays up to 50,000 graduations
  • Full Duplex RS-232 Serial Port


  • Pan/Frame Material: Stainless Steel / Mild Steel
  • Accuracy Class (OP-900): 5000 e
  • Resolution: Display 30,000; ADC 2,000,000
  • Zero Stability Error: TK0 < 0.1 µV//K
  • Span Stability Error: TKspn < ±6 ppm//K
  • Sensitivity (Internal): 0.3 µV/d
  • Input Voltage: -30 ~ 30mV DC
  • Excitation Circuit: 5 VDC, 4 wire connection (+Exec, -Exec, +Sig, -Sig); Maximum 6 x 350Ω load cells
  • Power: AC100~250V; Rechargeable battery optional
  • Temperature/Humidity: -10℃ ~ +40℃; ≤90%RH
  • Storage Temperature: -40℃ ~ +70℃;

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