PS-3030SW Pallet Wrapper with Scale


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Prime PS-3030SW semi-automatic pallet stretch wrapper with scale. Our top of the line model for customers requiring high performance and reliability. The PS-3030SW is designed for customers using on a daily basis to wrap pallets quickly. The PS-3030WS features pre-stretches film up to 300% to maximize film usage and to save you money.

Prime PS-3030SW stretch wrapper is designed with high productivity companies. When wrapping sharp pallet corners, the PS-3030SW’s corner compensating bar combats film tearing. The PS-3030SW also provides advanced tension, banding, and pattern controls that make it easy to intelligently wrap your pallets. The PS-3030SW pallet wrapper is easy to use, easy to operate, and requires little to no maintenance. Thanks to our Easy Load film carriage and Film Force Release feature this makes your job of wrapping pallets easy.

Turntable/ Frame Features

  • 58″ Diameter, 3/8″ Laser-Cut Steel Plate
  • 300% Film Stretch Wrap
  • 5,000 lb Load Capacity
  • ANSI# 50 Chain Drive w
  • Electronic Soft Start/Stop
  • 1/2 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Low Profile
  • No Maintenance, No need to Lube Drive System
  • 8 point Heavy Duty Roller Support System
  • Built-in Forklift Channels
  • Tower with Tilt-Down Hinge for Easy Shipping

Control Features:

  • On/Off with Power Indicator
  • Home Position Button
  • 1-12 RPM Variable Speed
  • Variable Film Carriage Speed & Direction Controls
  • Turntable Jog Switch
  • Omron PLC with Communication Port
  • Motor Starter with Overload Reset and Electrical Overload Protection
  • Separate Top and Bottom Wrap Counters (0-9)
  • Combination Top and Bottom Wrap Counter (1-3)
  • Manual Film Tension Adjustment with Clutch Setting

Carriage Features

  • Standard 20″ Film Rolls (30″ Option Available)
  • 1/3 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Clutch Control Film Holder
  • Corner Compensating Dancing Arm with adjustable spring tension
  • Film Stablizing Roller
  • Phenolic Carriage Guide
  • 1/3 HP DC Motor, with Twin Pre-Stretch Rollers
  • Safety Stop Switch on Carriage

Machine & Control Specifications

  • Production Speed : 30-50 Load /Hour Based on Load Configuration
  • LoadSize:53″x53″x82″
  • Roller Ratio Pre-Stretch up to 220%
  • Maximum Load Weight : 5,000lbs
  • Power: 110V, 60Hz, 20 Amps
  • Machine Weight: 2,000 lbs
  • Machine Dimension: 98″ L x 59″ W x 86″ H

Available Options:

  • Loading Ramp (For Use with Pallet Jack only)
  • Wrap Height Extension (Add 16″ increment)
  • Film Roping
  • Film Cutting Device
  • Dark Load Detection
  • Turntable Extension

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