PS-3020SW Pallet Wrapper with Scale


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Prime USA Scales PS-3020SW semi-automatic and low-profile stretch wrapper machine. Our machines are designed for a variety of medium to heavy duty pallet wrapping applications. Our PS-3020SW utilizes multiple rollers offering pre-stretches film up to 220% before wrapping your pallet. This pre-stretching saves film, saves money, and increases pallet load stability, as the stretched film tends to shrink back.Ā  Our PS-3020SW offers users the ability to adjust film carriage, turntable speeds, and wrap pattern settings. Our PS-3020SW stretch wrapper includes integrated scale up to 5,000 lb with 1 lb accuracy. All Prime USA Scales stretch wrappers include a heavy-duty frame and offer forklift channels for easy portability.

Turntable/ Frame Features

  • 58″ Diameter, 3/8″ Laser-Cut Steel Plate
  • 220% Film Stretch Wrap
  • 5,000 lb Load Capacity
  • ANSI# 50 Chain Drive w
  • Electronic Soft Start/Stop
  • 1/2 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Low Profile
  • No Maintenance, No need to Lube Drive System
  • 8 point Heavy Duty Roller Support System
  • Built-in Forklift Channels
  • Tower with Tilt-Down Hinge for Easy Shipping

Control Features:

  • On/Off with Power Indicator
  • Home Position Button
  • 1-12 RPM Variable Speed
  • Variable Film Carriage Speed & Direction Controls
  • Turntable Jog Switch
  • Omron PLC with Communication Port
  • Motor Starter with Overload Reset and Electrical Overload Protection
  • Separate Top and Bottom Wrap Counters (0-9)
  • Combination Top and Bottom Wrap Counter (1-3)
  • Manual Film Tension Adjustment with Clutch Setting

Carriage Features

  • Standard 20″ Film Rolls (30″ Option Available)
  • 1/3 HP, DC Controlled Drive Motor
  • Clutch Control Film Holder
  • Corner Compensating Dancing Arm with adjustable spring tension
  • Film Stablizing Roller
  • Phenolic Carriage Guide
  • 1/3 HP DC Motor, with Twin Pre-Stretch Rollers
  • Safety Stop Switch on Carriage

Machine & Control Specifications

  • Production Speed : 35-45 Load /Hour Based on Load Configuration
  • LoadSize:53ā€³x53ā€³x82ā€³
  • Roller Ratio Pre-Stretch up to 220%
  • Maximum Load Weight : 5,000lbs
  • Power: 110V, 60Hz, 20 Amps
  • Machine Weight: 2000 lbs
  • Machine Dimension: 98″ L x 59″ W x 86″ H

Available Options:

  • Loading Ramp (For Use with Pallet Jack only)
  • Wrap Height Extension (Add 16″ increment)
  • Film Roping
  • Film Cutting Device
  • Dark Load Detection
  • Turntable Extension

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