Relay Module with 0-5V Relay Output

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Prime USA Scales offers our Relay Module that is an option to add to digital indicators and/or scale package. This options allows a user to set a target weight and send a signal to a machine to stop the flow of material once it hits the target weight. Ideally used in filling applications, bagging, checkweighing with tower lights, and many other applications.

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Pictured in this listing is a module that is installed on the indicator board. Module has a 0-5v relay output with RS-232 (DB9) connector. When installed, it allows the checkweighing limits to trigger a voltage relay. Once the trigger is set, the relay box will open or close a switch. This allows the scales to drive other items such as a motor for filling, or signal lights. The relay indicator includes input for power to help drive the relays.


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