TSC-123, TSC-213, TSC-313, & TSC-1202 Touch Screen Balance


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Prime USA Scales offers our TSC “Touch Screen” digital balance scales by LW Measurements. This model comes in four sizes: 120g, 200g, 300g with a .001g accuracy and a 1,200g with a .01g accuracy. This model includes a stainless steel weighing pan, glass shield, factory calibration, and 2 year warranty.


  • Includes a 7.4V/2200mAh Rechargeable battery and 12V adapter
  • AnyCAL software
  • 8.25 inch x 10.2 inch base dimensions
  • 10+ different unit switches available
  • Auto Backlight
  • Auto Shut Off
  • Pan Size for 120g, 210, 310g is 3.85″ Diameter
  • Pan Size 1,200g is 4.52″ Diameter
  • RS232C and USB ports

Capacities and Resolutions with Glass Draft Shield:

  • TSC 123 – 120g x 0.001g
  • TSC 213 – 210g x 0.001g
  • TSC 313 – 310g x 0.001g
  • TSC 1202 – 1200g x 0.01g



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